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Parks and Recreation – Canvassing


Ok.  So I still feel this is a new version of the Office, but I have to say – they got me.  There were at least 2 or 3 moments that I actually laughed out loud at tonight episode.

Leslie Knope and her team went out canvassing the neighborhood where they wanted to build the new park – and in true form, the people who were all for it couldn’t come to the meeting to vote and the ones that were against it – well they were there in full form.

I don’t know what got me, the guitar hero moment, the filibuster at her own meeting moment or Leslie Knope’sassistant – Tom Harverford, calling every contractor he could find to bring to the meeting, even though the park is is still in “maybe-ville.”

If it keeps picking up steam I think the show has a shot, so if you haven’t seen it yet – I say check it out.  The natives Pawnee will keep you laughing.  

The cast is strong and Amy Poelher believes in it so much she’s even producing the show – so take the time to check it out next Thursday at 8:30 pm – a half hour before the Office on NBC.


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