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The Unusuals – Boorland Day


The tricky thing about a new series is taking that first episode, those 45 minutes, and tell us – the viewers – EVERYTHING we need to know to fully understand and enjoy the show at hand.  And sometimes, due to all of that info being crammed into such a small space of time people will write off the show before you actually know what the heck is going on.

The Unusuals tonight told the story about a low end crime family named the Boorland’s.  Papa Borland needed a kidney so everyone in his family from his 5’1″ son to his honor student son, took up arms robbing and stealing in order to raise the money to save him.

Besides that we had the chance to learn more about our “unusual” police detectives at the 2nd prescient in good old NYC.

We learned that Banks and Delahoy have been partners for 8 years and Delahoy’s death wish, mixed with Banks paranoia make for an interesting time.   “Follow the dove” – Delahoy’s fortune ended in him jumping off a roof – maybe there is a god, because he saved an old lady by doing so.  Granted, he nearly killed Banks in the process, but we later learned they would both push an old lady off a roof for each other.   

We also learned that Walsh and Beaumont have a thing on the side – and why Walsh became a cop.  Plus, Shraeger came clean to Walsh about her being asked to “keep an eye” on him.

Eddie, the snob, has only been there for a year – and no one, but no one likes him.  Can’t say I blame them.  He’s pretty annoying.  And it turns out Henry Cole, the bible beater, his old partner hired the fella that killed Kowalski and started this whole thing up!

I’m liking this show.  I know some people are pissed because it’s in the old Life on Mars time slot – but it’s not Life on Mars (and I never expected it to be.)  I think this show can be fun and interesting and add a new twist to the “cop drama” that has been filling our airwaves since the late 80’s.  A breath of fresh air, because in my experience some of the best moments in life are the weird ones – or should I just call them unusual.  

Amber Tamblyn Detective Casey Shraeger 
Jeremy Renner Detective Jason Walsh 
Harold Perrineau Detective Leo Banks 
Joshua Close Detective Henry Cole 
Monique Gabriela Curnen Detective Allison Beaumont 
Kai Lennox Detective Eddie Alvarez 
Terry Kinney Sergeant Harvey Brown 
Adam Goldberg Detective Eric Delahoy 

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