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The Ghost Hunters in Georgia


Both locations the Ghost Hunters tackled tonight were extremely interesting and both seemed to be haunted!

dscn00972They started at Georgia Aquarium and the Titanic exhibit.  It has been said that the traveling exhibit is haunted, and well as the Aquarium, so Jason, Grant and the team went in to check it out.  Here is what they found…

First, a cold spot followed around Jason and Grant, it was about five foot high and about five degrees colder than the temp around them.  THEN, when Grant was siting, just looking around, he thought he saw Jason move into the room only to realize that he was alone when Jason showed up a few minutes later – and right after that Jason also saw a figure in the room and when the got up to leave – something or someone pushed Grant back to the floor.

If that wasn’t enough, when Steve and Tango were analyzing the footage they found an EVP that came from the same moment that said, “No.  Please wait.”  Directly after Jason asked if the spirit wanted them to leave.


points-of-interest-gaither-plantationNext they went to the Gaither Plantation.  Said to have hidden Confederate Soldiers during the Civil War, the Gaither family lost the home in during the Depression due to $23 worth of back taxes.  These days it’s a museum that you can visit or even get married in.

THIS was my favorite stop tonight!  Why?  The flour in the attic!

Grant had to sit this one out, it seems he came down with a stomach thing, but when Jason and a visiting investigator from their TAPS family in Georgia sprinkled some flour on the floor where they kept hearing foot steps they were able to see 3 distinct foot prints.  That was pretty amazing in my book!

Next week the cast of Ghost Hunters: International will be joining the TAPS crew as they do a personal investigation for Grant.

Ghost Hunters airs on SciFi Wednesdays at 9pm (and next week is their mid-season finale, so TUNE IN!)


2 Responses to “The Ghost Hunters in Georgia”

  1. This is a lovely site. My youngest daughter got married there a few years ago. There was no inkling the home was haunted but then, if these are soldiers accustomed to hiding, they were probaby shy of all the people and laughter that day. We’re hoping to go back someday just to enjoy a peaceful afternoon.

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