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Better Off Ted – Win Some, Dose Some

better_off_ted1It came to my attention earlier that Better Off Ted is a one time deal and will NOT be back on ABC for a second season – so take it all in right now folks!  This show is just ridiculously funny.  And educational too – turns out, just because you write your name on it doesn’t mean you own it, and that goes for babies too my friends.

One of my favorite things about this show is that everyone works for a company called “Veridian Dynamics” and once per episode they slip in a promo from Veridian Dynamics – and they’re always perfectly funny.

Linda was accidently dosed by Lem and Phil after a game of “clean surrenge” which caused her to have emotional highs and lows.  That’s when she took the baby.  Lem and Phil were assigned to watch her and make sure she didn’t do anything crazy – yes, they failed.

Ted and Veronica had a competition against each other to see who could sell more wrapping paper for Rose, Ted’s daughter – which ended in the military buying 5 million dollars worth of wrapping paper and yes, Ted being indirectly propositioned by an enlisted man… Check it out online!

Better Off Ted airs (for now) on ABC after Scrubs on Wednesdays at 8:30 pm


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