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Hannah Murray and Doctor Who


According to Chris Gore, one of the hosts on G4’s Attack of the Show, Hannah Murray will, in fact, be the newest companion on the fifth series of Doctor Who

Murray is best known for her role as a ditsy girl with an eating disorder by the name of Cassie on the BBC show Skins (both series 1 and 2 are available on DVD).  Skins can be seen on BBC America on Saturdays @ 3 AM <- so set your TiVo or DVR in order to get caught up without spending the dollars on the box sets.

[**Warning – Skins has ADULT content, so please don’t go and watch it thinking it’s the British incarnation of Saved by the Bell**]

I have, sadly, still not seen the Doctor Who “Planet of the Dead” which aired last Friday on BBC One, but plan on doing that soon!  Currently I’m getting caught up on the Tennant/Agyeman portion of the show – and all I can say is, I just love Doctor Who – they haven’t done me wrong with Piper, Agyeman or Tate – but those three fine ladies do leave awfully big shoes to fill so I wish Miss Murray lots of luck – just as I wish Mr. Smith lots of luck filling the shoes of David Tennant.

And as for Chris Gore and his fine movie/television reviews – he can be seen on G4’s Attack of the Show which airs weeknights @ 7 pm.


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