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Fringe is safe!! But don’t get attached to your dolls…

It was announced today that FOX will be renewing Fringe for another season, so all of you out there that have been so worried we would once again lose another well crafted and written TV show to the Reality TV Gods, please take a sigh of relief!  

According to – Fringe, Lie to Me, Bones and American Dad (all on FOX) will be back for another season, but just like Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles, it seems that Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse will NOT make it back for a second chance. 

Other shows you should NOT get attached to (or be prepared for them leaving are) ABC’s Castle, In the Motherhood, and Better Off Ted (seems I’m not the only one that passed on that because I found the name annoying…oops!)

CBS is not bringing back The Ex List and it looks like The Unit, Cold Case and Without a Trace have lost their followings and are in the “OMG!  DO I HAVE A JOB?” pile at CBS…

NBC is trimming off Cruseo, Lipstick Jungle and My Own Worse Enemy (the last would have done famously if it had been marketed at a comedy)  It looks like Heroes will be back – I have no idea why – but it seems NBC is saying it will be more of a mid-season replacement, probably because then the 12 episodes spread out over 2 years will finally make sense.  And if it doesn’t I’m sure it’s Peter’s fault. 

The CW isn’t saying anything, but what is there to say?  IT is not doing well all on its own so right now I can’t say what is what over there.  Just keep your fingers crossed. 

And that’s all I have for now…

~sigh~  I’m so happy Fringe is safe!


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