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Doctor Moreau has nothing on Fringe!


Fringe opened up in a classic horror movie last night – including some dimwitted college students attempting to save little animals one science lab at a time, a crazy scientist and a really big monster that has two inch fangs of a snake, talons of a bird and the dermis of a rhino.

I thought we were going to lose a character last night but I was wrong (and that is ok!)  And I have to say I was happy that the monster at large wasn’t in some way tied to Massive Dynamic – crazies are EVERYWHERE!

The tension between Peter and Olivia grew when he called to talk to her sister about the name of “…if you like pina colada… getting lost in the rain…” [Escape – Rupert Holmes] And Walter’s weird attachment to food – even if it’s a science project in omelet form – was back.

The Fringe team took us all over the Massachusetts looking for the beastie, which killed 4 students, 1 scientist and 2 Animal control guys before impregnating Charlie Francis [Kirk Acevedo] – Olivia’s right hand man (she seems to have a lot of those…) The FBI and the Bishops had to figure out a way to kill the larva before they consumed Charlie as their host and then took over the world one screwed up monster at a time.

What I liked about this was the growth of Walter – he felt remorse for his actions, even though his actions hadn’t caused the situation at hand.  The tension between Olivia and Peter is nice too, and Olivia affection for Charlie  – one of the few people at the FBI that stood by her after the whole John Scott situation – the loyalty between the two of them is a nice touch.  I am also a fan of the father/daughter relationship that is growing between Broyles [Lance Reddick] and Olivia Dunham.

And the Observer was spotted again – in case you missed it, While Charlie’s wife was watching Boston’s Channel 42, he walked across the background.

Next week we dive into the world of telepathic suggestion via psychic power?  All I know is that Olivia is killing people with her mind!  Or maybe it’s really John Scott.

Fringe is on FOX Tuesdays @ 9 pm, old episodes can be seen online!


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