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Battlestar Galactica news UPDATE!!


It has been confirmed that on July 28th we will all be able to pick up the last installment of Battlestar Galactica on Blu-ray or DVD.  But until then, remember next Tuesday (April 21st) Caprica will be available for digital download on SciFi, but won’t air on the actual until some time in 2010 (when SciFi will be known as SyFy – “Imagine Greater”  you can read about it here)

Season 4.5 and the Complete series are supposed to be loaded with bonus features, including behind the scene looks at the show and all of its mini-series.  So tuck a little cash away each paycheck until July 28th, so you can pick it up!

Until the – check out – your greatest resource for TV nonsense! Because they have just what you’re looking for right now!  A little behind the scene of BSG!


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