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Are you a Fairy Bone Mother? Reaper!! “The Good Soil”


Sam’s ongoing battle with his destiny for being just plain evil moved forward today – yes.  There was a soul and yes, he escaped from hell – BUT – he was dammed for looking at a woman (carnally) and happened to get hit by a truck, and he’s asmatic AND he’s a virgin!

So ask yourself… is it fair?  Is it fair to send a naive (in a lot of ways) soul back to hell before he knows the touch of a woman?  And should you be mad at him when it takes a few days for that to happen?


But a jobs a job, right?  And if you’re not going to do it – someone will!  Be it your snotty older brother or a giant creepy reaper that is followed around by thunderstorms and rises from the ground like the demon from hell that he is! 

Yes, Morgan was back again tonight, just like a short visit with Sam’s human/zombie dad – Mr. Oliver.  We also had a little family time with Sock and his step sister Kristen (family pictures are fun! Even when they lead to “quality” time with your step sister/lovers father who doesn’t think you’re good enough for his daughter.)  And lets not forget the 2 month anniversary of Ben and Nina.

All around a good time!  

But who can say what will come next?  The Devil is growing tired of Sam’s attempts to free souls that he thinks deserves a second chance, Morgan is growing tired of Sam not doing his work for him, Andi isn’t letting up on the whole “son of the devil thing,” and the only thing out there that sheds even an ounce of hope on Sam’s miserable Devil ridden life just runs from him every time he sees Sam (Alan Townsend would be his name).  

So what does that leave him?  Mostly Sock – his step sister moved back to Japan so his free time is plentiful, Ben has a girl friend, who he loves – even if she does throw him off of roof tops.

NEXT WEEK – Will Alan finally tell Sam how he got his soul back from the devil?  I have to admit, I’m torn… 

For more info check out the Reaper CW website!

Bret Harrison

Tyler Labine

Rick Gonzalez

Missy Peregrym

Ray Wise


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