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Caprica – UPDATE! You pirate fiends…


Well, it turns out that Piratebay posted a link for Caprica yesterday for your viewing pleasure – 10 days before the highly anticipated BSG prequel is set to be aired on Sci/Fi.  And people, of course, are up in arms.

From what I’m reading it sounds like its of good quality and all of that – so if you follow that link you’ll be able to see it before all your BSG loving Caprica anticipating friends!  (I haven’t watched it…)

Caprica is set 50 years before the final Cylon war (a.k.a. the BSG we all know and love) so don’t go in thinking you’re going to see a young Admiral Adama wooing Lee’s mom or even Starbuck before she was ever known by that name.  

The cast includes Eric Stoltz [Daniel Graystone],  Esai Morales [as Joseph Adama], Paula Malcomson [as Amanda Graystone], Polly Walker [as Sister Clarie Willow] and Alessandra Toreson [as Zoe Graystone]

The SciFi release date for Caprica is set for April 21st for digital down load and on DVD, but if you don’t feel like waiting (or giving money to a cable network show that probably needs it to stay on the air so we can watch shows like Caprica) just go to Piratebay

Yes, that sounded bitchy.  But it’s only 9 more days.  Just buy the DVD!  Then we won’t have issues with our SciFi shows like we do with our CW shows – because if the network that HOSTS our show goes under… then what?



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