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Talita’s Story – Running in Heels


Running in Heels had a bit of another challenge this past week – the interns were to write, find or dig up from their past a sex story suitable enough to be published in Marie Claire’s “Sex and Relationship” section… and would you have guess… Talita’s entry took the cake! (you can read it here.

The think that always gets me each week about Talita is how big the bubble that she live in actually is.  Why, oh God why, is she (or anyone for that matter) ever surprise by Ashley?  Seriously.  When someone looks at you and says, “I’m gonna win this no matter what because if I don’t I’ll cry…” 


Anyway – we finally got to meet Sam’s boyfriend, which came at a perfect time.  What I mean are the sex stories.

Sometimes I think people are afraid of sex.  Or maybe they use it to distinguish themselves from others – either way it’s a very easy topic to bring up and push the hell out of someones elses buttons.  

And who’s good a pushing buttons?  Ashley.  And who doesn’t get what the Marie Claire view/reading audience (girls 18-34) is in too?  Ashley!  But hey, my little fave didn’t add up this week again either.

I think we’re running out of time!  Mostly because next week is the season finale… so who is it?  Who is the one intern they want to keep working with?



Running in Heels airs on Style on Sundays at 8 pm!  For more info, check out


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