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Better Off Ted – no really… this show is FUNNY!

better_off_tedI missed the first 2 episodes of this show mostly because the name annoyed me.  I went the old, “judging the book by its cover” until, after Scrubs, I was too lazy to change the channel.

It was the third episode, “Through rose colored HAZMAT suits” when Ted [Jay Harrington] brought his daughter to work.  His daughter, who ended up being watched by his boss Veronica [Portia De Rossi] who ended up using the child to help her fire people.  

“Not in front of the child…”

Added to Ted kissing his at work love interest, Linda [Andrea Aders] while they were wearing HAZMAT suits because an alarm went off in the lab and they weren’t sure if it was safe to not have them on.  And finally anything that has to do with Phil [Jonathan Salvin] and Lern [Malcolm Barrett] who are just plain funny – this episode they were taking turns being each others bosses – 10 minutes a piece.  (And there was a flash back of Lern having two inter-office affairs and the women finding out that was hysterical – he told Ted about it.  Its better to be safe than dragged out of a conference room…)

It’s quirky in a way you may say Ally McBeal was (but don’t just say that because Portia De Rossi is in it…)  And I find that I’m looking forward to watching it.  I like to laugh!  

Better Off Ted airs on ABC on Wednesdays at 8:30 – here’s a preview for you!


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