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Are you the Pancake Lady? Party Down – Investors Dinner


This week on Party Down:

Another alum of the late great Veronica Mars, Cliff McCormack [or in the real world – Daran Norris] joined the cast as the host of an Investors Dinner.  It was simple really, all you had to do was show up, watch a powerpoint presentation on how to dissembal a small Mexican town to put up more condos and high rises, write a quick check and then – BAM!  Lose everything because it was just a scam!

Casey and Henry grew a bit closer as did Constance and Kyle – though in a very different way… And Ron and Roman just make you stop and think – “Well, at least I’m not that guy…”

Party Down returns next week with the Sin Say Shun Awards After Party!  And they will answer that life long question – are they real… or are they fake?  Oh the porn industry…!

Party Down airs on Friday nights at 10:30p on Starz!


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