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The Dollhouse…

DollhouseThey pulled me back in!

Tonight’s episode was really good!  And that is said for all of my house (normally it is split when it comes to Dollhouse in my home – that is, if I say I like it…)  But last week they made the “dolls” human and this week we got to see the positive side of a glitch and another character show humanity.  

Echo keeps evolving and changing and slowly become a doll that has a personality.  I start to like her and I start to like the show and then I see the previews for next week… not too sure about it…

I’m not sure if they’re going for the “abuse” of power side of it – especially after the use of Victor in tonight’s episode – or if they’re trying to tape into the Castle crowd by making it a murder mystery night…

Guess I’ll just have to wait and see!

Dollhouse is on Fridays on FOX @ 9 pm (for now)


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