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Terminator – Born to Run


And thats all she wrote…

Last week we watched Mr. Ellison be followed by the police because the FBI didn’t trust him – and for them it turned out right.  He led them right to Sarah Connor – who was promptly arrested and brought up on charges for murder and the destruction of a bank (which we saw in season 1.) So there Sarah is, sitting in her bright orange jumpsuit accepting that fact that it’s time for John to go off on his own. 

She can no longer help him.

He comes and rescues her – with the help of Cameron and that leads them to Mrs. Weaver – whom we finally find out is there to help John.  (In case you missed it “Will you join us” was in reference to the Jimmy Carter episode.)

And it ends with John jumping to the future with Catherine Weaver in search of John Henry who is now, kinda, Cameron (since he has her chip.)  It ends with John with his father and his uncle.  

It ends with us finding out that moment when the 3 meet is the moment that John Connor becomes John Connor. 

And the circle is complete.   But did Sarah Connor succeed?

We may never know…

(unless there is a tie in to the movie – but I’ll have to wait till May 21st to find out…)


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