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Sarah Connor… R.I.P.


Tonight is the finale of the who kit and caboodle!  And its a sad day… 

At some point we started letting those network guys cancel good television allowing them to put on reality TV.  How did this happen?  We are who they are working for… WE are the ones they are paid to amuse, and I don’t know about you – but I am not amused.  What are they going to put in this newly opened time slot?  Single mom’s who fight it out with monkeys and the winner get the banana and the chance to be queen for a day?


And then – just to make sure she (and I mean the monkey) knows how lucky she is – she’ll have to eat pig intestine while living in a weird house, thats situated on a deserted island with has been stars dancing around them and wanna be’s singing in their ears as the other castaways yell things like “FIERCE” and I’ll be sitting here – puking.  

Yes, as stated earlier, I’m not a big fan of reality TV.  I find it to be brain numbing and a waste of my time – mostly – yes, I do watch some shows, but mostly, when I want to get away from it all – I prefer a good drama, sitcom, anything that doesn’t involve some sweaty guys complaining or some small child complaining.  (or Simon – complaining)

The shows I watch on here are all 3 steps away from being removed for our viewing pleasure – sadly – Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is just the tip of the iceberg.  Right now we also are watching and waiting for Reaper to go bye-bye and Scrubs to be “revamped” and things really aren’t looking too good for Dollhouse, Fringe, and who am I kidding… Legend of the Seeker is probably sitting in a stack of papers in a box that says “AXE” on it. 

First – NEVER DOUBT YOUR VOICE!  Fine, you’re not a Nielsen Family – neither am I.  In all of my 33 years I met ONE Nielsen Family and let me tell you – we had nothing in common, NOTHING.  So that could be part of it too.  Misrepentation isn’t only held for politics.  So go to Nielsen and fill out their forms, read about what they do – find out how to become a Family that observe.  

Then there’s the other route.  WRITE!  Write ABC, CBS, FOX, and the CW about the shows that are being cancelled and TELL THEM NOT TO!  Once they’re gone – it’s too late.  Yes, Family Guy – that was a fluke – AND a cartoon.  A cast that’s much easier to reassemble years later…

SAVE REAPERWe have Reaper – a show I keep talking about, and I’ll KEEP talking about until people start realizing the pure genius of this show.  Yes, it’s different, but its funny as hell and worth the hour of your time!  

People see something different and then avoid it because they don’t like the marketing of it.  GUITLY!  I’ve done the same thing – and that’s why I’M doing the work for you and telling you, if you don’t like the marketing, don’t be a fool and check it out regardless!  You can even see old episodes on the CW site or youtube – NEVER forget the glory of They have shows and clips you want to see – deserver to see!  So head over there – or just watch the one listed below. 

I give you Ray Wise!

fringe-tv-promo-11Next I give you Fringe.   

Yes, some like to compare this to the X-Files – mostly because they have never seen the show.  It’s NOT like the X-Files.  I LOVE the X-Files but this show is different.  Olivia Dumham, and Peter and Walter Bishop are some really great characters and should be watched and seen.  

Yes, the show can be weird.  Giant bugs wrapped around the hearts of double agents – black ops missions lead by a traitor and a lover – people exploding – radio active people – small boy found underground that has a sort of telepathic connection to our leading lady…

Yes, I can see how you may just turn your nose up at it and not give it a chance – but it’s really your loss (and then mine because people are not watching it enough, so they take it away from me!)

Is it worth just checking it out?  And like I said – fine – you don’t want to sit and wait on Tuesday night so you can feel a bit confused at part of the back stories because you didn’t watch it from the beginning – or you could watch the video below.  And check out Fringe on Fox.

dollhouse1-7523711Fine, it may not be my cup of tea, but it is picking up steam.  You have to give things TIME!  Not every thing can just come running out of the gate and land you in the winners circle.

It started slow, but it’s a mid-season replacement and I think it will get a lot better.  I think last week episode showed us that with the further development of the main four dolls.  NOW, stop springing dolls on us… Soon I’m going to think Paul Ballard is a doll too!  (and I hope I’m wrong about that…)

Dollhouse is on tonight after the Series/Season Finale of Terminator – so DON’T turn your TV off when you’re weeping from the Terminator being taken away from you – it’s tacky.  And it will hurt this action/drama.

And finally – Legend of the Seeker.

legend-of-the-seeker-poster1This show is a bit of a throw back to the days of Xena and Hercules.  (Lets not forget Cleopatra, Brisco County Jr. and so many other wonderful campy shows!)

It’s that epic fantasy we all love and gives us that wanderlust we also crave.  (plus, the cast is also very nice to look at…)

Right now the series in is reruns gearing up, for what I hope, will be the season finale.  I really can’t take much more of this cancelation crap… it hurts my heart.

So, click on the picture an check out their website and then sit down and watch it tomorrow with a smile on your face and know you’re in for a good time.  

And keep an eye out for Denna… you’ll know her when you see her. 




I think it’s just time – time to reclaim the television and it starts here.  

Now go pop your popcorn, grab a bag of m&ms and hunker down for the last Terminator.  Here’s hoping it’s a good one!



4 Responses to “Sarah Connor… R.I.P.”

  1. I think you’d like this vid from Reaper better 😀

  2. Oh, I forgot to add, I’d go to the network boards for Sarah Connor and find the addresses. Like Reaper, they don’t know how much you want to keep the show if you don’t let them know.

  3. […] – Fringe: The Road Not Taken FOX really pissed me off this year with the cancellation of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  And then there’s Dollhouse… jury has been out the entire series (pretty darn sure […]

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