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Scrubs- My soul on fire!!! (pt.1)


Are you enjoying your 8th season of Scrubs?  I know I am!  Let’s just say, when you think something was taken from you, but then out of the blue it comes back – it makes for a mighty delightful time!

Today’s episode of Scrubs took us to the Bahamas’ to the wedding of the Janitor and his blushing bride – Lady!  And all the gang was there – and no interns!  That is something that ISN’T normal on this season of Scrubs – you get to pick and chose who of the original cast will make an appearance – but like I said, tonight we got them all! (We even got a cameo of Barry Williams – gosh darn pesky tiki idol!)

The episode ended with JD pushing all of Elliots buttons the wrong way – and next week… will they be together?  Who knows…


Now, I have sad news… yes, this is the week of the cancellation gods pointing their fingers at my television shows!  As some of you many know Zach Braff and the creator of Scrubs, Bill Lawrence, announced that this is their last season of this hit comedy… and the a bit later Judy Reyes announced she too would not be returning and now it looks like Donald Fasion has landed a roll in a new ABC sitcom called “The Law” co-staring Cedric the Entertainer.  

SO!  If Scrubs comes back next season – expect a LOT of the interns… and maybe a bit of Sarah Chalke… but maybe she’s done too… only time will tell!

For more info – please check out this site – TV Series Finale


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