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SAVE REAPER!!! Reaper fans, PLEASE read this!!





It was brought to my attention that there is talk about canceling Reaper!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS TV VIEWING WORLD?!  First – BSG finishes up, NEXT they are canceling Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and now… this?

What the hell?

So here is what I need you to do!  First, I need you to go here and read this article and THEN I need you to go here and sign the petition that is going around to SAVE REAPER!

And you know what?  You’re job isn’t done my little friends!  THEN, I need you to sent that link to EVERYONE YOU KNOW who loves Reaper (and all of those people you know who SHOULD love Reaper) and have them sign it too!

I’m going to list these links one more time:

First go here ->

Second go here ->

And you know what?  Are you on Facebook or Myspace?  You should post the Reaper Petition on there and get your friends to sign it!!

Stop letting these people take away our good shows and leaving up with bad reality TV!  For all of you who don’t understand WHY you need to do this… please watch the following:



3 Responses to “SAVE REAPER!!! Reaper fans, PLEASE read this!!”

  1. Oh, thank you so much for putting the info out! There are some other things you can do too:

    Vote for Reaper at E!Online SOS Campaign:

    Email the CW:

    Email TVGuide:

    And write! Write, write, write! We even have people suggesting to make your envelopes unique so that they stand out.

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