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Mr. Tinney and the disappearing Monk – The Ghost Hunters at Belcourt Castle and Sacco’s Bowl-Haven!


On the TAPS website there is actually a section of “general” articles you can read, some written by Jason and Grant (the rest by other credentialed people) about ghosts, haunts, haunting types.

From how to get started in the field of ghost hunting to demonic exorcisms.  All I can say is that the Ghost Hunters know their stuff.   Which would explain them being in the field for as long as they have.

On tonight’s Ghost Hunters – Jason, Grant and the Team went to Newport, Rhode Island to visit a museum called “Belcourt Castle

Belcourt Castle

Belcourt Castle took 3 years to be built.  The ground was broke in 1891 and the last brick was laid into place in 1894.  In the U.S. that’s a pretty darn old house.  And then add to it the sheer beauty, the fact that it is 50,000 square feet and that the design was based on Versailles, well, that Belcourt Castle deserves the title “Castle.”

If that wasn’t enough, well, Jason and Grant have investigated Belcourt Castle before – ten years ago and they personally knew the owner – Mr. Tinney – who’s family purchased the home in the mid-1950’s.  This was also the site of Mr. Tinney’s wake and funeral service.

On tonight’s episode Jason and Grant, Kris and Amy, and Steve and Tango investigated the stories of a wandering Monk that was, supposedly, attached to a statue of a Monk that is kept in the residence, a suit of armor that can turn it’s head, a sighting of Mr. Tinney during his wake, plus voices and footsteps. 

The team came back with two EVPs – one that was a woman humming and the second a whispered “yes” when asked by Kris and Amy if, “…they had bought the items in the house.”  They also captured, what looked to be, footsteps on the thermal imaging camera, just after Jason and Grant had heard footsteps in the same hallway.  Tango smelled something in the Ballroom and both Steve and Tango debunked a chandelier moving after radioing Kris and Amy and finding out Kris had knocked into a chair on the floor above.

And then they danced.  

It was beautiful.

Oh, and to Tango – kudos on the new neon green headphones!  

As always there are clips on the Ghost Hunters Sci/Fi site!  And for more information on the Belcourt Castle, you can go to the actual site – – you can go to the wikipedia entry – or you can check out this page, which goes into the complete history of the building. 

Sacco's Bowl-Haven

Moving on to their next destination – Sacco’s Bowl Haven: Billiards & Bowling – in Somerville, MA

There was a lot of debunking at this establishment – after a few games of billiards and bowling!  But with some really high EMF readings, behind the counter seemed to be a bit of a “fear cage” and with how wicked awesome this place is – its a tad old, so it seems some of the bowling mechanics don’t stop moving right when things are shut off – which would explain the random balls at the end of the night.

[but that will not change the fact that if I’m ever in Somerville, Ma – I’m SO going to Sacco’s Bowl Haven – the place looks super sweet!]


Next week on Ghost Hunters they visit the Titanic Aquatic at Georgia Aquarium in Alanta, Georgia with some of the TAP family [Roswell Georgia Paranormal Investigations

Titanic Aquatic Georgia Aquarium


Your Ghost Hunters:


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