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Welcome to Dove Hollow – population 2… kinda


Sam [Bret Harrison] can’t be bad right?  I mean, I know who his biological dad is… I know what his job is… but still… He’s a good guy, right?  Maybe Andi [Missy Peregrym] just is looking for something to be wrong with him.  It took forever for them to get together, and there was that other guy and other girl – and sometimes the chase is truly more fun than the catch… 

Yup.  That’s gotta be it!  Because Sam just let the sheriff live because he was human and “we don’t kill humans.”  

Tonight’s hellish jaunt to us to a small town called Dove Hollow.  Dove Hollow that only had the population of one Sheriff and on over sized demon that had 3 stomachs. 

Now I have to say, if Sam is evil – what does that make Sock? [Tyler Labine]

My real question is, if Sam is evil, why does he keep thinking that the Devil really is trying to send him on vacation with his girl?   A girl he never wanted Sam to tell the truth too?  I guess even the evil ones can just be plain naive… 

I have to admit… sometimes I think Sam is better without Andi – she’s a bit judgmental.  If you love someone, shouldn’t you regardless (ah… who am I?  Oh, the one not dating the devils kid!)

Reaper is on Tuesdays at 8 on the CW – Next week… more weirdness between brother and sister!


  Bret Harrison Sam Oliver
  Tyler Labine Bert ‘Sock’ Wysocki
  Rick Gonzalez Ben Gonzalez
  Missy Peregrym Andi Prendergast
  Eriko Tamura Kristen
  Sean Tyson Lowell
  Jenny Wade Nina

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