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Vampire Diaries – this fall on the CW

Vampire Diaries

There really isn’t much to say about this yet – but I just watched Twilight the other night and since everyone else wants to jump on the “vampire” bandwagon – I figured I’d tell you what’s next.

Vampire Diaries is based on a series by L.J. Smith.  The first book was published way back in 1991 (which precedes both Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” and Charlaine Harris’ “Sookie Stackhouse” a.k.a – True Blood – HBO.  Both of those series were published in the new millennium.) 

The story is a simple one – there are two brothers, they are vampires and they are in love with a human.  One brother is evil and one brother is a good vampire and they are battling over her soul.   Good enough story, right?  

Casting is underway and right now it looks like the main vampire will be played by Ian Somerhalder, whom you may remember from Lost.  Zach Roerig [Friday Night Lights] will also be joining the cast along with Kayle Ewell [Freaks and Geeks, The O.C., Entourage].

Kevin Williamson will be producing this little ditty (which give me a little faith). 

More to come soon!  Until then, I think I may go buy “Vampire Diaries” and tell you all what it’s about.

[even though the cover looks like that… maybe I’ll just order it online…]


2 Responses to “Vampire Diaries – this fall on the CW”

  1. The first volume of The Vampire Diaries is available to read online for free for about another week.

    They’ve finished casting and have moved on to shooting the pilot – we’re posting the news as we get it on 🙂

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