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Hello Fringe… how I missed you…



I think I forgot just how much I loved this show.  I mean, it’s been gone for a while, and yes, while I have still spoken about past episodes to my friends and family – I just kinda forgot.

But now I remember, so let me just say how much I just love this show!

Here’s your recap – but first I want to give a couple of shout outs!  

First to Victor Williams – he was one of the construction workers in the beginning.  If you don’t know him he was Deacon Palmer on King of Queens.   (and a little bit of trivia – on King of Queens his wife, Kelly Plamer, was played by Merrin Dungey who was Sydney Bristow’s best friend [Francie] on Alias – a J.J. Abrams show.  Useless knowledge – I’m filled with it.)

And my second shout out is to Alicia Goranson whom you might recognize as the first (and last) Becky on Roseanne.  She would be “The Artist’s” first victim of the night at the laundromat.  

And now… your recap.

The show opened up on a frigid construction site, the building was to be torn down, but at the last moment one of the construction workers had this weird gut feeling that made him go back inside where he (and Deacon Palmer) located a young boy [Spencer List.]

The Fringe team was called in because the building had been sealed over 70 years ago and the boy – who seemed to be almost albino, was only roughly 10 years old.  The two dueling story lines intertwine when Olivia realizes that the boy can read her emotions and give her clues to help catch The Artist before he has a chance to kill again.  But the catch, because there is always one, is that CIA wants the boy.  (but the boy does not want CIA)

I really like Anna Torv, I think that she is very personable, very likable and human.  

The whole crew was there and lucky for all of us Walter was asking for weird things again – a turn table… it wasn’t food this time – you’d think he’d want a nice cherry cobbler.   I want a nice cherry cobbler.

Oh, and our favorite Observer [Michael Cerveris] made a bit of a cameo at the end… 

Fringe is on FOX on Tuesdays @9 and you can see previews and full episodes on their website 24/7.


  Lance Reddick Agent Phillip Broyles 
  Kirk Acevedo Agent Charlie Francis 
  Blair Brown Nina Sharp 
  Jasika Nicole Astrid Farnsworth 
  Anna Torv Agent Olivia Dunham 
  Joshua Jackson Peter Bishop 
  John Noble Dr. Walter Bishop 
  Mark Valley John Scott 
  Michael Cerveris The Observer 
  Jacqueline Beaulieu Nina’s Assistant 

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