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Terminator – This Friday Season/Series Finale


And the hits just keep on coming… First BSG is gone and now it seems that Friday’s Terminator is a series finale and not just a season finale – and this would be why this is a cult show… because it’s soo good and no one seems to realize it until all of the cast is off doing other projects.

Thank you world – thank you all you people out there that would rather watch Wife Swap than a well crated sci/fi hit…  I am now sad.

Here is an awesome article about the whole situation.  About how Brian Austin Green is working on a new series for FOX called “Body of Politics,”  Summer Glau is pairing up with Joss Whedon to work on a short called “Serving Girl,”  Lena Heady is directing a low budget movie in England called “Drug Kill” and, Shirley Mason is back home over seas… 

I’ll check up on the rest of the gang in a bit, but remember to tune in this Friday @ 8.  Seems it’ll be the last  time… stupid FOX…


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