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Legend of the Seeker – Catch up time!!

Legend of the Seeker

Legend of the Seeker is currently in reruns – but I say its just for you get get caught up on this sleeper hit of a show!  The next new episode will be aired on April 25th and is called “Mirror,” and including “Mirror” there are five more episode until the season finale. 

So over the next few weeks, tune into the CW and see the past episodes bring Richard and Kahlan closer to defeating Darken Rahl (not to mention – each other…)  and in the mean time here are a few things to check out:

It seems the moment I jumped ship from Myspace I find out all these cool people have pages and blogs I want to read – that includes Terry Goodkind. With blogs about his current works and about Legend of the Seeker, it’s a good read.

And of course there is a fan page on Facebook.  (Every thing’s on Facebook these days!)  Like fan pages for Bridget Regan, and Craig Horner.

And personal pages for both Bridget and Craig.

Legend of the Seeker has fan sites all over the place from the U.S., UK, Australia and on.  If you haven’t seen it yet – I say check it out now so you know what everyone is talking about!  Sometimes is just takes a little while to realize you have such a good thing just sitting there in front of you.

Legend of the Seeker can be seen on the CW Saturdays from 8-10pm and on WGN on Saturdays 4-6pm!  GET CAUGHT UP!  And until then… enjoy the interview!


2 Responses to “Legend of the Seeker – Catch up time!!”

  1. I never heard of this one…But I may have to check it out…She’s hot!

    • It has a very “Xena-esk” feel to it – which I love. I’m a fan of campy epic stories! Check out my other blog on Legend of the Seeker, at the bottom is an interview with Bridget Regan on Attack of the Show (my husband talked about her legs for about a week)
      She seems pretty cool, so I don’t mind, mostly because I like to think he has pretty good taste in women 😉

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