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I find it funny to take sides in the matter of the 3 interns who are featured in “Running in Heels.”   I find it funny, because to be honest – we know that editing has a lot to do with it.  Reality TV would be boring if it was actually realistic.  You’ve got to find a story – and what’s a better story than a bitch fight between 3 twenty-somethings in Manhattan?


I live in a “Samantha” house.  I’ve worked with a “Ashley” and I’ve known one too many “Talita’s” in my life – but I can find a nice common ground with Samantha.  (FYI – I went to an all girl school – I’ve meet most types of woman… and it’s why I hang out with men.)

This week on Running in HeelsJoanna called the girls out on not giving their all.  Not coming to her with ideas, not putting in extra hours, you know, just kinda getting by… 

So the girls turn around and decided to GIVE IT THERE ALL!  

I’m gonna stop for a second.  Isn’t it the job of an intern – aka, she who is not getting paid so had better bring something to the table so that you will stick out and hopefully get a job – to do that?  You’re an intern – work.

And, as I was saying… they start to apply themselves!  Come up with ideas!  And if not – steal the ideas of the intern sitting next to them and then act like they deserve it because they are better and then whine because you can’t understand why people didn’t just come to them first and tell them about things because they’re more important than the sun is to the tides!

Oh Ashley… how I jest!  (here it is – her blog.  I wouldn’t hold out on you… KENNETH COLE SHOWS HIS AWEARNESS)

Talita had an even harder time.  And while I pick on her, I felt bad.  She had good intentions but got a bit ahead of herself when she set up her interview with Rihanna before talking to the higher ups.  Yes, she should have known – but I’m sure the excitement of doing her job plus the loudness of her outfit just distracted her from it… 

So what, in the end, have we learned?

When you were picked out of the thousands and thousands of people who applied to be an intern at Marie Claire – they picked you because they thought you would work – and later had to tell you that… and when all else fails… cry, whine and complain some more – because everyone else at the magazine, oh, they’re bored… 

Running in Heels is on the Style Network on Sundays at 8pm!  

But until then get caught up online at and for the love of god – go buy a Marie Claire!  I’m gonna get me a subscription! (honestly, I am – I kinda love Joanna Coles)

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  1. Your site displays incorrectly in Firefox, but content excellent! Thank you for your wise words:)

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