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Anthony Bourdain – NO Reservations! Here’s your weekly fix…

So you miss Bourdain.  You miss his antics, his travels, his unrelenting bashing of the food network, Ryan Seacrest, vegetarians and the many other things he likes to slap around as he travels this great big world looking for the best food around.

Sometimes, on Mondays, you get all excited because you think – “IT’S MONDAY – NO RESERVATIONS!!!”  And then, sadly, you realize that No Reservation is on a little break and won’t be back until this summer.  So, at first, you watch the repeats.  You watch Food Porn and you watch the spots on Chicago, Cleveland, New York, Mexico, Venice, Sri Lanka and even the ones in scary places like Vietnam, Columbia and the U.S. Southwest

OK, fine… Vietnam and Columbia aren’t really that scary any more…

But here you are… another Monday… and you’ve now seen every repeat 20 times and you still need your Bourdain fix!

Well, that’s simple!  Outside of buying his New York bestselling book “Kitchen Confidential” there is always his website – AnthonyBourdain.Net – and you can read his blog on the Travel Channel website for No Reservations.

And if you want to just see it all again – regardless – tonight The Travel Channel is having a bit of a marathon of No Reservations.   Actually, I think it’s on right now!

So stop reading this (for now) and GO WATCH TV!


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