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Battlestar Galactica – Where are they now…? – PT. 1


The world of Battlestar Galactica ended, what, two weeks ago?  And you know what I am?  Sad, yes, still sad… 

You must think I’m a bit patetic… here I am, TWO WEEKS later still stewing over the finale… if you were to guess that it is still saved on my DVR – you’d be right.  If you were to guess that every now and again I watch a tidbit here and a tidbit there… you would have hit the nail on the head… 


You would be right all around…

So what does that leave me?  (bet you guessed this one too!) WHERE ARE THEY NOW?!!!  

If you’re like me, you find an actor/actress and you hold on to them with everything you’ve got!  You will watch bad shows, bad movies, great movies and even some time search a odd commercial spot shot in Japan on youtube just to be SURE said actor/actress are still working.  (almost like your life depends on it – ok – I’m joking about the commercial spot – but you get my point.)

So here is what I know about what you’re favorite BSG stars are doing now!  (I’m starting from the Human top and working my way down.  And don’t fret – I’ll talk cylons too!)

We will start with your favorite – Admiral William Adama – Edward James Olmos


Well, after looking through his personal webpage (which is linked to his picture above) all I can tell you is that Mr. Olmos has just wrapped up shooting the up coming Battlestar Galactica: The Plan television movie.  This, by no means, means that he isn’t doing anything.  For all of you out there that don’t know Edward James Olmos is community activist.  He uses his celebrity to promote social awareness as a Latin actor in Hollywood.  He travels quite extensively to speak to people about being a minority and works as a motivational speaker, visiting prisons, reservations, high schools, etc.  Over the years he has received awards for his work from the NAACP, Sierra Club and was even honored with his help during the LA riots back in 1991.  

I don’t that BSG is the last time we will see this fine actor.  With a list of credits that include movies like Selena, Blade Runner and In the Time of the Butterflies his achievments are great – but I see more to come.  And if I do hear of anything, you will be the first to know!

You can head over to to read more about his life in Hollywood.


Next is the late great President of the colonies – Laura Roslin – Mary McDonnell


The rumor for Miss McDonnell is that she will next be on The Closer, playing Capt. Christina Hatcher, who will butt heads with Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson [Kyra Sedgwick] in the fifth season of the series. 

The Closer is on TNT and the fifth season is set to air this summer, but I’m having issues finding a date.  (TNT just says “all new episodes – this summer)  So if you have digital recording access, I’d tune to TNT – find an episode and set your DVR to record all new episodes, so when it does start up – you won’t miss a beat!

Oh, and for all of you that didn’t know this – Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, and executive producers Ron Moore and Dave Eick were invited to speak with the U.N. about many issues that arise in the BSG series, including terrorism, racism, human rights, taking up arms, etc.  At some point part of these meetings are to be released to the public, but there is no set date at this time…. (once again, if I hear anything – you’ll be the first to know!)


Next up – Captain Lee “Apollo” Adama – Jamie Bamber

Title - Battlestar Galactica

For all of you out there that don’t know – Mr. Bamber is a Brit.  Yes, our favorite “All American” boy is actually NOT from American soil.  

After the Battlestar was driven into the sun – one Jamie Bamber took up roots back in the old U.K. portraying the roll of DS Matt Devlin – (over here we call that Detective) – and is currently working on Law and Order: UK. (Which also boasts the presents of Freema Agyeman of Doctor Who fame)

On the Law and Order: UK site you can see an interview with Jamie Bamber speaking of his work on L&O.  (I went to watch it but got a big old “error” message – I wish you better luck)


Moving forward – Dr. Gauis Baltar – James Callis


I found a “fan” site for the wonderful Jame Callis, but when I went to look through it I found that the last time it was up dated was back in 2007.  I’m guess that it will say he is working on BSG… 

What I could find is this… Mr. Callis has recently filmed a made for TV movie entitled, “Merlin and the Book of Beasts” and will be playing the role of Merlin.  The synopsis reads:

Camelot has been taken over by an evil force and the only one that can save the day is a Princess with the help of her followers and the legendary wizard Merlin.

As far as I can tell it is set to air later this year… 


Captian Kara “Starbuck” Thrace – Katee Sackhoff


Miss Sackhoff has moved on to the glamorous world of plastic surgery.  Yes!  That’s right, for all of you out there, Katee Sackhoff is Dr. Theodora “Teddy” Lowe on the FX hit series Nip/Tuck.  

I went o a few fan sites and none of the seemed to be updated.  I’m thinking they should have been “Starbuck” fan sites and not Katee Sackhoff.  One site even recently shut down…

I’ll keep looking for news on her too!


And that is where I’m stopping right now!  Later I finish this up with all of the remaining favorites of the fleet!

Until then – go watch TV!


5 Responses to “Battlestar Galactica – Where are they now…? – PT. 1”

  1. Katee Sackhoff can be found on Myspace and Facebook with her official website coming soon (

    Her most recent work is for the Dick Wolf (Law and Order) pilot, ‘Lost and Found’ co-starring Brian Cox.

    • Thanks for the update!
      Click here for more on “Lost and Found

      And here is another little tidbit from

      Katee Sackhoff has been cast as the lead in NBC’s Lost and Found, the Dick Wolf-produced pilot created by Chris Levinson. The hourlong show centers on Tessa (Sackhoff), an offbeat female LAPD detective who, after butting heads with the higher-ups, is sent as a punishment to the basement to work on John Doe and Jane Doe cases. The casting of Sackhoff means a firm production order for the pilot, which was picked up last month as cast-contingent. Sackhoff, best known for her starring role as Kara “Starbuck” Thrace on Battlestar Galactica, co-starred on the NBC’s Bionic Woman last season. The actress next appears on the upcoming season of FX’s Nip/Tuck.

      And here are the links to Katee Sackhoff on Myspace and Facebook!

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  3. hey do you still like galactica, cause I just met the series and can’t help to watch 3 or 2 episodes a day, and when I don’t, I miss it.
    write me sometime

    • I haven’t watched it in a while, but I adore this show! Now that it’s come to a close I think I’m going to have to find some time to have a big old BSG Marathon in my living room!

      I would watch as many episodes as I could when I first found BSG. Never saw a show like it before or since.

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