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GET DOWN! GET DOWN!! – Party Down! Pepper McMasters Singles Seminar


I’d give her a 6.9.8

I swear to god, this show just gets funnier each freaking week!  This week, with guest stars Marilu Henner and Ed Begley Jr, The Party Down crew worked a Singles Seminar – but not just any singles seminar… a SENIORS singles seminar!  HA!

With pot smoking in the bathroom, long lost loves being revealed, a divorce in the making and a wee bit of good old fashion revenge – how could it not be a good time?

I have to say, even thought I don’t want to pick a favorite moment, I’m picking two:

First, in the bathroom Ron [Marino] catches Henry [Scott] and Constance [Lynch] and decides to “scare them straight” with a picture of a footless leg and a nonsensequencal story about a friend of his who drank too much and smoked too much pot that led to a car accident and the injury, even though he wasn’t smoking pot at the time… And secondly, Kyle’s [Hansen] revenge on Roman [Starr] for his earlier prank that ended in Kyle shaving off his eye brow and losing an acting job… the “instant boner” medication he slipped into his ginger ale couldn’t have waited to present its effect at a more appropriate time… once again, “I’d give her a 6.9.8”

Party Down airs Fridays at 10:30pm on Starz!  If you haven’t seen it yet – make sure to set your recorder and check onDemand to get caught up!

See you next week Party Down crew!  I, for one, can NOT wait!

Adam ScottHenry Pollard  Ken Marino … Ron Donald  Jane Lynch … Constance Carmell  Ryan Hansen … Kyle Bradway  Martin Starr … Roman DeBeers  Lizzy Caplan … Casey Klein 

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