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Dollhouse – Needs


Lookie who made me change my mind about the Dollhouse!

Last night the episode “Needs” aired at it’s regular scheduled time.  The story was a simple one – the “dolls” woke up.  Well, nothing my dear, is ever that simple!

They didn’t just wake up – they were woken up!  And why, well a test of course!  So there they are Echo, Victor, Serria and November (oh and Mike [Teddy Sears]- but they fixed that right quick) stumbling around the doll house like 4 chickens with their heads cut off. 

What do you do when you wake up in a beautiful underground spa with a bunch of happy relaxed zombies?  Simple!  You escape!!  And most of them did – Victor [Gjokaj], Sierra [Lachman] and November [Laurie] – but not Echo, she stayed behind to save them all…

I actually liked this episode – the story made me connect with Victor, Sierra and most of all November.  I understand why November would take the job as a doll, if I was her I’d do the same thing too.  But the jury is still out on Echo.

In last weeks episode “Echoes” Caroline seemed softer, even a bit naive – but this confused Caroline that woke up in the “Dollhouse” just seemed like Faith.  Look at me I have a gun and I’m gonna save these people after I kick your ass!  I just kept waiting for her to say “Five by Five.”

My questions are simple, if Echo was wiped each time between jobs, why does she know martial arts?  Did Caroline know that?  I don’t see that about her… So I’m still lost there… but I’ll be back for the other 3 for sure.

They’re stepping it up, but only next week will tell how much.

Dollhouse is on Fox on Fridays at 9pm after Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


  Eliza Dushku Echo 
  Harry Lennix Boyd Langton 
  Fran Kranz Topher Brink 
  Tahmoh Penikett Paul Ballard 
  Enver Gjokaj Victor 
  Dichen Lachman Sierra 
  Olivia Williams Adelle DeWitt 
  Reed Diamond Laurence Dominic 
  Amy Acker Dr. Claire Saunders 
  Miracle Laurie Mellie 

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