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Fringe is back!!! April 7th @ 9pm


When I tell people who haven’t seen this show that I LIKE this show they always say the same thing, 

“Don’t you mean the NEW X-Files?”

No.  I mean I LIKE Fringe.  Peter Bishop [Joshua Jackson] is NOT the new Mulder [David Duchovny] and Olivia Dunham [Anna Torv] is NOT the new Scully [Gillian Anderson].  The only similarities you have is that Dunham works for the FBI and that they cases they work on are… well… strange.  But that’s where it ends.

Peter Bishop is a genius level grifter who was brought into the picture because Dunham needed the assistance of his FATER Dr. Walter Bishop [John Noble]to help save her, soon to be lost traitorous fiance John Scott [Mark Valley].

Personally, I think this is what J.J. Abrams wanted Alias to turn into.  For those who didn’t watch Alias, season three there are zombies… Yes, because that makes sense.  But in Fringe – IT DOES!

So good job!

Fringe went on a little break a few weeks back, but I’m happy to announce that this Tuesday – IT IS BACK!  And now that we know John Scott was just miss understood – which can happen when you sign up for a black ops mission… I think one of my exs must have been in black ops… that would explain some things…

ANYWAY!  A very fast recap – Olivia is still in love with John even though it is suspected that he was a traitor to his country.  Olivia turned him in as the traitor due to things she saw – and well, once John’s memories were stuck in her brain it was kind of hard to dispute.  The problem with her reaffirmed love of a dead guy is the building tension between her and Peter (who she CLEARLY belongs with in my humble and modest opinion) even though I’m sure Olivia wouldn’t agree with me.

Just like I’m sure the folks at Massive Dynamics wouldn’t agree with me either.  You see the owner of Massive Dynamics used to be partners with Dr. Bishop before the accident that lead to his imprisonment in a mental hospital for 15 years.  And, of course, the old partner took some stuff that might have been Bishops idea… But that just how all the “Good v. Evil” stuff gets going!

The up coming episode is called “Inner Child” but that’s all I can tell you about it.  Guess we’ll all have to tune in and see what’s what.

For a recap – like always – just go to FOX and you can watch the previous episodes online!

And we’ll talk more Tuesday at 10pm!  See you then!


  Lance Reddick Agent Phillip Broyles 
  Kirk Acevedo Agent Charlie Francis 
  Blair Brown Nina Sharp 
  Jasika Nicole Astrid Farnsworth 
  Joshua Jackson Peter Bishop 
  John Noble Dr. Walter Bishop 
  Anna Torv Agent Olivia Dunham
  Mark Valley John Scott 
  Michael Cerveris The Observer
  Jacqueline Beaulieu Nina’s Assistant

One Response to “Fringe is back!!! April 7th @ 9pm”

  1. Finally, can’t wait for this show to return next week! Great show & yeah its not the new x-files!

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