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Scrubs – “My Full Moon!” And more intern fun!


Did you know that on ABC’s website there are a slew of webisodes about the new [Scrubs] Interns?  The picture above it linked to it, check it out!

Tonight was a funny one but a sad one all at the same time.  One of those things I love about this show is that, yes, it IS a sitcom, but at the same time they like to remind their viewers that Sacred Heart Hospital is in fact a Hospital and sometimes funny things don’t happen there.

They brought back an old patient that went by the name of Robyn [Corena Chase], the last time she was at Sacred Heart Elliot had to tell her to stop working out so much – she was too skinny for her build and it came to light that Elliot was also too skinny for her build – ahh… the difference between being a patient and a doctor.

Well, this time it came back to light – the weight issue.  Elliot deemed that Robyn was anorexic but sadly she was wrong and Robyn turned out to be HIV positive.  In moments like that, even on TV, I don’t know how doctors do what they do – I could never be that strong to look at someone and say that they were going to die.  

(Hell, I hide behind my computer and blog about fiction – and it’s fiction I didn’t even write!)

On an up note – The Todd to the time to come around and let everyone know he was the only one allowed to instigate any sort of high-fiving in the hospital, Sunny had the privilege of coaxing a patient to pass gas, Katie got to tie a homeless man to his bed and then be spit on while Denise and the new surgical intern – Derek [Lee Thompson Young] – grow a little bit closer… 🙂

And Turk’s little mechanic fantasy was pretty funny too!

I don’t know if this is the last season of Scrubs or maybe this is the last season we’ll see the cast we have grown to know over the last 8 years, but I feel the closure I didn’t get from last years “Finale” slowly being handed to me one episode at a time.

Either way – I’ll be back for more Scared Heart fun!

See you next week! [ABC – Wednesdays @ 8]

  Zach Braff Dr. John ‘J.D.’ Dorian
  Sarah Chalke Dr. Elliot Reid
  Donald Faison Dr. Christopher Turk
  Neil Flynn The Janitor
  Ken Jenkins Dr. Bob Kelso
  John C. McGinley Dr. Perry Cox
  Judy Reyes Nurse Carla Espinosa
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
  Mark Ankeny Mr. Swick
  Betsy Beutler Katie
  Todd Bosley Howie
  Corena Chase Robyn
  Eliza Coupe Denise
  Debra Fordham Dr. Fordham
  Deonte Gordon The Orderly
  Robert Maschio Dr. Todd Quinlan
  Tim Moore Mr. Gold
  Sonal Shah Sunny
  Jean St. James Mrs. Powell
  Sara Van Horn Mrs. Emmitt
  Lee Thompson Young Derek

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