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Juan? The Ghost Hunters take on Florida! Yes… but can they salsa?


Tonight’s investigation took us down to good old Florida.  The two spots the Ghost Hunters visited were the Cuban Club and another called Trelles Clinic.   The first spot they went to there was a neighborhood center that was built to bring together the Cuban immigrants that fill the town and the Trelles Clinic was being renovated into a health spa.

Now, I have to warn you right now – I have a bad head cold and should go watch the episode a second time, for I feel like my head is under water – but I’m gonna walk it off!  THIS IS ME PUSHING FORWARD!

At the Cuban Club three things happened.  First, Kris and Amy had an expirence – they heard a voice and then Amy saw a white form pass just behind Kris.  Sadly, this wasn’t caught on film – but I heard the voice and their reactions were genuine.  The second thing happened to Grant and Brit (Jason fell ill and had to take the night off).  Sitting in the area that used to have a pool the were able to communicate with a spirit that claimed to be around 8 or 9 years old.  The creepy awesome part?  The spirit turned on a flash light – I know what you’re thinking… “Oh, pushed a button!”  NO!!  It was a twist light!  

Very cool!

And last!  Foot steps!  They were told that a woman has been seen in a long white dress wearing red heels walking up the stairs – and they caught the foot steps on tape.  

The owner was super excited!  It must be nice have that kind of validation – you know, someone finally saying, “it’s not in your head!”  Which brings us to the Trelles Clinic.

The owner there was the opposite.  He didn’t want the place to be haunted.  I understand that – I hate the idea that someone is lurking over me and I can’t do anything about it… (but my ghost stories aren’t the topic here are they?)

So the clinic – two things – first, they caught an EVP (“Electronic Voice Phenomena”) of a child’s voice saying “Juan.”  To add to the creepiness of a child’s voice whispering anything – the owner told them AFTER the reveal that the name of the last child (or person at all) to die there’s name was Juan.  And if that wasn’t scary enough, one of the cameras, for some reason, turned on it’s own.

They tried to debunk it.  They actually debunked a bunch of stuff at the clinic!  But not the camera!

As for antics… there wasn’t as many as normal.  But I do enjoy Steve and Tango when they are reviewing the evidence, because whenever they want each other to look at things they always say each others names…

“Steve.  You’ve gotta see this!”

“What that Tango?”

“It’s an EVP Steve.”

“Well, lets listen to it Tango!”

I don’t know why it cracks me up, it just does!

Ghost Hunters can be seen on Sci/Fi Wednesdays at 9pm and online at Sci/ or you can visit them at their TAPS website!

(oh, as for the salsa… you’d have to ask them!)

Happy hunting!  


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