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I want to go to there – 30 Rock!


When 30 Rock first aired I didn’t watch it.  There was this other show called Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip that I was in love with and I couldn’t see me watching two shows about putting on a live varity show.  And then I watched one – and not wanting to watch it – I just told my husband it was terrible.


“It just is!”

Which is code in our house for us disliking something to dislike it.  No real reasons.  So I gave it another shot.

Now, it’s three years later and Studio 60 is long gone and 30 Rock is going strong!  Now, I still adore Studio 60 – but 30 Rock is ridiculously funny!  From the guest appearance of Selma Hayek as Jack’s mom’s nurse turned girl friend, the constant flow of SNL‘rs stopping buy, Jenna and Tracy, Kenneth, Jack and Tina Fey herself – the show is just a riot.

“You can’t put orange Gatorade on salmon.”

“But the Italian lady from food network said you could!” (as stated by Liz’s hot doctor boyfriend played by John Hamm)

Their antics never let you down.  Hell, Frank’s hats ALONE should make you giggle episode from episode! 

“Ninja Expert,” “Record Breaker,” “Extra Sausage,” “Bahama Trapezoid” 

It’s just another layer of this funny onion of a show that airs on Thursdays nights @ 8:30p on NBC.  (but what other channel could they be on?  NBC IS at 30 Rockefeller)

If you haven’t seen it yet I say go to NBC and watch a few of the episodes on line – sadly – The Office and 30 Rock are NOT on tonight- but that just gives us time to get caught up on back episodes doesn’t it?

Well, that or I could go grocery shopping… but who needs food when you have TV?

Tina Fey Liz Lemon 
  Tracy Morgan Tracy Jordan 
Jane Krakowski Jenna Maroney 
  Jack McBrayer Kenneth Parcell 
Scott Adsit Pete Hornberger 
Judah Friedlander Frank Rossitano 
Alec Baldwin Jack Donaghy 
Katrina Bowden Cerie 
Keith Powell Toofer 
Maulik Pancholy Jonathan 
Kevin Brown Dot Com 
Lonny Ross Josh Girard 
  Grizz Chapman Grizz
John Lutz Lutz 

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