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This really isn’t a cult TV show… but I like the Fillion



The first time I remember seeing Nathan Fillion was on Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place, which was a long time ago.  And then, a few years later – there he was again – in this show called Firefly.  I can’t say I remember him right off, when I tuned in to Firefly the first time I recognized Anna Espinosa [Gina Torres] from Alias and Kaylee Frye [Jewel Staite], but I recognized her from a show called “Just Deal” – yes, it was a “tween” show, but I still watched it…

But there he was again!  NATHAN FILLION!  And out of no where – he’s this evil dude named Caleb on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  And that was it.  That started the, “if Nathan Fillion is in it – I’m gonna watch it!” part of my life.

Outting Riley

Miss Match


White Noise 2 (with Katee Sackoff of BSG fame)

The Waitress

His voice work in Justice League and the Wonder Woman movie… so I could do this all afternoon.

I even used to read his blog.  I say “used too” because he hasn’t blogged on myspace in ages, but when he did!  I read them!  Which brings us to Castle.

OK – so I heard about this and thought – Oh, “Murder, She Wrote“… Another hour long drama about an author that somehow manages to solve the crime each time!  (and I don’t know about you – but everywhere Jessica Fletcher went – someone died.  On probabibly alone, she had the be the most successful serial killer EVER!)

So it took me a while – but this past Monday I decided to give it a look see.  I recorded it (you know fast forward through those pesky ad spots) and I have to tell you.  I liked it.

I really liked it!  The network is advertising it as a comedy – which is great and the cast is awesome.  The chemistry between all of them is great.  I will be tuning in again!

Now, like I said – not really a “cult” tv show – more main stream than anything else I watch – but to be honest – Nathan Fillion IS cult… go watch Sliter or his PG Porn segment!   LOVE IT!  The first time I saw this I went around and made everyone – and I mean from my Mother on – watch this!  

So if you are bored next Monday at 10p, I say turn on ABC and check out Nathan Fillion and friends in his latest venture – “Castle!”

  Stana Katic Kate Beckett 
  Susan Sullivan Martha Rodgers 
  Molly C. Quinn Alexis Castle 
  Ruben Santiago-Hudson Roy Montgomery
  Jon Huertas Javier Esposito
  Tamala Jones Lanie Parish 
  Seamus Dever Kevin Ryan 
  Nathan Fillion Richard Castle 

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