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OMG! Can you believe Pam went with him?! The Office – NBC – Thursdays

The Office NBC


I really don’t know anyone that isn’t watching The Office.  This is the one show where I’ll hear my guy friends say things like, “Do you think Pam and Jim are going to make it?!”  And it cracks me up.

This is also the show that most people I know who didn’t watch it, saw an episode and then logged onto NBC and watched the entire series on their computer or ran to Target and bought as many seasons they could find.

I too was a late bloomer on this show.  I have to admit – Michael Scott makes me uncomfortable, to say “just a little bit” would be putting it very mildly.  But my husband kept pestering me, “you have to see it!” and then there was the 6 months of “That’s what she said!”  Was it?  

So I turned it on.  I tuned in.  I watch Pam and Jim fall in love.  Ryan lose his mind.  Dwight… grow beets?  And everything else – including Michael sleeping on a dog bed at the end of Jan’s bed when they lived together.

Every time I think they’ve run out of things to do or say – I’m wrong.  And my favorite part (and you know you do this to) is that moment when you’re watching the show and someone like Kelly says something totally bizarre and you realize you WORK with someone JUST LIKE THAT!  And it sucks you in even more!

Kelly KapoorDaryl Philbin is the most complicated man that I have ever met. I mean, who says exactly what they’re thinking? What kind of game is that?

So here we are, season 5, four more episodes to go before we have to wait WAY too long to see what happens next, sitting on the edge of our seats screaming – PAM WENT WITH HIM?!!

One of my buddies thinks that Michael and Pam are going to end up together – I think that Pam is just attached to Michael like a grade school class is to their pet hamster.  She feels she needs to take care of him, because if she doesn’t… no one will?  Holly’s gone.  Jan… well Jan only really ever liked Jan now didn’t she?  And I’m pretty sure while Michael might be able to out sell other paper companies, if he didn’t wear loafers his shoes would be untied all… the… time… 

And here we are, waiting for Thursday to come around so we can see how the first day of Michael’s new paper company fairs.  “In this climate?  In any climate…”


but for now… I have this: (PSAs)

(I was going to try to post an interview with Brian Baumgartner (Kevin) on here from G4’s Attack of the Show – but it won’t post!  If you’d like to see it go HERE!)


Steve Carell Michael Scott 
Rainn Wilson Dwight Schrute 
John Krasinski Jim Halpert 
Jenna Fischer Pam Beesly 
B.J. Novak Ryan Howard 
  Leslie David Baker Stanley Hudson 
Brian Baumgartner Kevin Malone 
Angela Kinsey Angela Martin 
  Phyllis Smith Phyllis Lapin
Kate Flannery Meredith Palmer 
Mindy Kaling Kelly Kapoor 
Creed Bratton Creed Bratton 
  Paul Lieberstein Toby Flenderson
Oscar Nuñez Oscar Martinez 
  Ed Helms Andy Bernard 
Melora Hardin Jan Levinson 
  Craig Robinson Darryl Philbin 

3 Responses to “OMG! Can you believe Pam went with him?! The Office – NBC – Thursdays”

  1. […] OMG! Can you believe Pam went with him?! The Office – NBC – Thursdays […]

  2. I love your blog! I’m a huge Pam fan and I’m really excited about this storyline! Although, I must say, I’m pretty positive she and Michael are NOT going to end up together. I think this was more of a personal decision on Pam’s part.

    • I totally agree with you! I think that she wants to prove herself and an independent woman. This Thursday should be great!
      Thanks for reading!

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