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Oh please!! “I WANT MY BABY BACK!” Yes… that would be Reaper –


I like to find new promo photos every time I write about a show.  It’s just for me… but I like to think you enjoy it too…

WELCOME BACK KEN MARINO!  He’s that impetuous demon that tried to kill Sam after Sam inadvertently killed his lover Steve [Michael Ian Black].  In this weeks installment Tony [Marino] finally becomes a daddy. (To a cute little baby girl!)

The story is a simple one – Sam, Sock and Ben head out to kill a vampire wannabe escaped demon from hell, and they do so – but only to find out said demon had a baby after she escaped.  WHAT DO YOU DO WITH A BABY?!!  You know, you give it to a lonely demon to raise as the child he never had the chance to adopt with his life mate Steve. (“I already named her Magnum P.I.”)

The episode revealed Sam’s true self to Andi – via his half-bro Morgan – who really didn’t take it well.  Can you blame her?  It’s one thing to think that you’re dating a damned soul but a whole other thing when you find out that soul is the son of Satan.  (Wait till she finds out that Mr. Oliver is still alive – kinda…)

A few memorable lines would be:

“Looking sharp Buffy!  Looking sharp!”  The devil to Sam when he got a look at his latest vessel

“Gladys-cakes”  Oh Sock… you crack me up!

And Gladys comment about the reason the demon escaped to have her baby on Earth was due to, “Better Schools.”

The sub-story of Sock trying to NOT nail his step sister to a funny twist with him nearly chemically castrating himself, but then again Eriko makes karaoke look fun and slightly alluring.   All I have to say is thank god for Racquetball!

Oh, and did I forget to mention that the Devil really wants the baby back too… let me paint you a picture of Sam, Sock and Ben standing over a cute little 6 month old girl holding a wooden spike!  Don’t worry, devils son be damned!  Sam still is a good guy!

For now…

Thanks again Reaper!  See you next week!

Missy Peregrym Andi Prendergast 
Bret Harrison Sam Oliver 
Tyler Labine Bert ‘Sock’ Wysocki 
Rick Gonzalez Ben Gonzalez 
  Ray Wise The Devil


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