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Getting to know your “Dolls” – the dolls of Dollhouse

Your Dolls

Miracle Laurie – Millie/November

Her website says she was born into this world of acting and entertaining.  Her mother is Hawaiian (Polynesian) and from when Laurie could walk, she could dance and later learned how to play the piano and even later the ukulele – which she loved so much she started a band with her “man” (I don’t know if that means they’re married or just dating…)

Her first noted gig was in a little show called Medical Investigation, which was on NBC and only ran for 20 episodes before it was cancelled back in 2005.  Laurie was a guest for one episode.  Then four years later she got the break she was so craving in Dollhouse, playing the timid next door neighbor of Paul Ballard [Tahmoh Penikett], well at least she did before they consummated their love for each other and she was nearly killed until we learned that she – just like so many others – is really just a Doll in LA being controlled by the Dollhouse (who is being controlled by The Rossum Corporation – who is BAD.  Bad Rossum Corp!  BAD!) 

Sorry about that…

Back to Miracle Laurie!  She is NOT gone!  If you go to her “Official” website [], under current projects she talks about working with Mr. Whedon and how they created the character November so she wouldn’t leave the show.  But I think that’s during Season 2.  And even then she’s not in it A LOT so people are asking about Season 3… Yes, they’re asking on Whedonesque – which is Whedon’s website – but “they” are still asking…

That brings us to Doll #2 – VICTOR – Enver Gjokaj 

He is an enigma.  This is what I have found out about Mr. Gjokaj – he is an actor.  He is currently co-starring on a show called “Dollhouse.”  He has been on The Unit and Law and Order: CI.  He was also a bit part in that Eagle Eye movie (with Shia LaBeouf).  And I’m GUESS he’s not American – yes… the name… 

I can’t find a website – outside of… I can find his name – everywhere… But I’m starting to think I might find out he really is a Doll!  OK!  If anyone out there reads this and knows something about this man can you PLEASE let me know? 

Moving on…

Doll #3 – SIERRA – Dichen Lachman 

Miss Lachman was born in India and moved to Australia when she was 7 and is of Australian and Tibetan decent.  In Australia she starred on a soap opera called “Neighbours” and then moved here to be on Dollhouse.  She also had a bit part in that mermaid movie from a few years back called “Aquamarine” 

So there is not really much out there on our first three Dolls.  Mostly, they are new to our country – excluding Laurie who was O.C. born and raised.  But leads us to our final Doll.  

She is the reason the show is on the air – btw – and she is also the one who brought it right to Joss Whedon.

If you don’t know Eliza Dushku from the role of Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer or even from her role in True Lies – well, you must be living under a rock.  The first time I saw her was in a Juliette Lewis movie called “That Night,” which I actually forgot about until I was looking this stuff up.  I LOVE that movie… I really should own that movie…  

The Dushku had to be only 12 in it… so, that is part of my problem with her sexiness.  I still see her as the 12 year old girl.  But that’s besides the point.  That is my problem.  She can still act and from what I read earlier on Whedonesque, he just adores her and her skill and spirit.  

The Dollhouse revolves around Dushku’s character of Echo/Caroline – first you have Paul Ballard [Tahmoh Penikett] trying to find her, and regardless of what he says, he’s crushin’ on her something bad.  Then there is this Alpha character who is toying with her like a cat with a baby mouse – why’d he leave her alive?  Why is he so overly fascinated with her? Her handler [Harry Lennix] is overly attached to her… 

It’s there – the potential is all there.  Caroline was very obviously a good soul that just got caught up in a bad thing, and Rossum Corp has somehow convinced Adelle DeWitt [Olivia Williams] that they are doing some good – I mean, she’s a CEO – but doesn’t come across evil.  But maybe that’s the point…?

Like I’ve said in both my other posts – I go back and forth on this show.  It’s all there – the make up – the potential, but for me it just keeps falling short.  There are rumors of 2nd and 3rd seasons out there – so maybe these 12 episode are just to get us all in line!  

Soon we will see!

Dollhouse is on Fridays on FOX at 9pm – and this week – oh, they wake up!   That should be interesting, now shouldn’t it?  So see you soon!  But until then – GO WATCH TV!

Eliza Dushku Echo
Harry Lennix Boyd Langton 
  Fran Kranz Topher Brink 
Tahmoh Penikett Paul Ballard 
Enver Gjokaj Victor 
Dichen Lachman Sierra 
Olivia Williams Adelle DeWitt
Reed Diamond Laurence Dominic 
  Amy Acker Dr. Claire Saunders 
Miracle Laurie Mellie 



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