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Is the Doctor in? Doctor Who – BBC America & Sci/fi Network


Doctor Who - BBC America & Sci/Fi Network

Doctor Who - BBC America & Sci/Fi Network

I ask you – is the Doctor in?  And actually, who is the Doctor these days?!

Back in 2005 the doctor was Christopher Eccleston and then only a season later they brought us the 10th Doctor played by the most clever David Tennant, and now, in its fifth season (I should say ‘reborn’ season since Doctor Who was on for a VERY long time when I was just a mere child) we are meeting the 11th Doctor – Matt Smith.

Christopher Eccleston left the series after only one season, and from what I’ve been reading, who really knows why.  Was he over work?  Did he not want to be typed casted?  Was there something going on, on set that we – the little non-television creating people don’t know about?  Probably.  I mean, there is only so much truth in the rags out there – that’s why I call them rag – you use them to wipe stuff up off the floor – not to better your intellect.  But I have to say I enjoyed Eccleston as the time traveling Doctor – but I also enjoyed him on Heroes (before it took a poo) and his many other roles, including 1998’s Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett, 28 Days Later with Cillian Murphy, and guess who’s playing Destro in the up coming G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra Movie?  Oh – that’s right!  CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON!

So it’s not like he realized his “fame” on Doctor Who and then got all up about himself and fell into oblivion like many other actors.  He’s been around and will be around for a long time – so I say keep an eye out for Mr. Eccleston – he’s a good actor and it shows.  It shined through on Doctor Who back in 2005 just as it did on Heroes and just as I’m sure it will in G.I. Joe.

But that brings us to the tenth Doctor – David Tennant – Tennant took the reigns of Doctor Who in 2006 and ran with it.  Now of course everyone got mad.  That’s what we do as veiwers.  You people tell us this is how something is and then you take it away!  First Eccleston!  Then Billie Piper!!  ROSE!!!  AND YOU GIVE US DAVID TENNANT AND CATHERINE TATE! (Donna Nobel)

OK – so you didn’t take Rose away RIGHT away and there was the lovely Freema Agyeman (Marth Jones) in there for a bit… But we fell in love all over again… and here we are AGAIN!  YOU’RE TAKING AWAY DAVID TENNANT AND CATHERINE TATE!!  

Are you trying to kill me?  Is there some mysterious plot out there to target a new mom from someplace in Ohio and make her pay for something she didn’t even realize she did?  You can tell me… is this Karma?

No, I’m sure it’s not – but hey – it was worth a try.

Now, you have to understand – I started watching Doctor Who in the Tennant/Tate years.  My lovely DVR taped a marathon of the first season with Eccleson and Piper recently, so that got me looking around.  What happened to Eccleson? (I’ve attempted to answer that) What happen to Piper?  But I still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE David Tennant and Catherine Tate (Oh Donna Nobel… you were so brave), and here we are, at another crossroads.

Yes, Tennant will be back for a few episodes of this next season (after dropping Donna off to her family and telling them how she saved the universe) and that means he’ll have a new sidekick – there is a rumor that Hannah Murray will be taking the spot in season five… but I can’t find any confirmation so I can’t be sure.  The rumor states that they wanted to have a younger companion since the new – the 11th Doctor – Matt Smith is only 27 years old (Tennant is 38).

As for Donna Nobe – aka Catherine Tate – I’ve read that she was “let go” and that her contract ran out and the series decided to NOT renew it.  Something about a new writer and giving him a clean slate… but for all of you out there who are like me and love the Tennant/Tate paring, there is ALSO a rumor that we will be seeing them at least once – if not twice – in a TV movie of Doctor Who.  (I’ll keep an eye out and let you know if I hear anything) and if you really miss Donna Nobel – there is also a petition that you can sign to get her back on the show! (Just follow that link there).

So what will David Tennant do now that he will no longer be the most clever time traveler out there?  Well, he never really stopped acting in other things while he WAS the Doctor – but he will be in a movie called 1939 – a movie about a British Family on the eve of World War II.  Plus, if you don’t remember – he was in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – one Barty Crouch Junior.  I don’t think he will be gone for good.   As for Miss Tate – you should pick up her variety show “The Catherine Tate Show” (think “The Tracy Ullman Show” – same general idea.  Yes, Catherine Tate is a comedian!)

And that brings us back to the 11th Doctor.  Now, searching for someone by the name of Matt Smith – yeah, common name…  But I found him!  He’s a young man and I’m sure he’ll do just fine – but until later this year – when I see him face to face with the Daleks “Exterminate!” Well, I can’t really give you my opinion until then… same goes for Miss Murray (if she is the new companion)… 

But I’ll give it a chance.  I still have at least 3 years of old Doctor Who episodes to watch so I’ll be busy for a while and if I don’t like the new Doctor – well, I guess I’ll just pick up the Ecclestion/Piper, Tennant/Tate seasons and be done with it!  But I won’t count my chickens before they hatch… maybe Matt Smith will be the cleverest one yet!?!

Doctor Who can be seen in repeats on BBC America on Fridays at 5 am and on the Sci/Fi network on Saturdays 7 pm.  So go climb in the tardist and start to find out what’s out there!  Hey, maybe if you’re lucky you’ll run into the Doctor’s daughter! (who is the real daughter of Peter Davison – aka – the 5th Doctor.)


David Tennant The Doctor 
  Billie Piper Rose Tyler 
  Paul Kasey Cyber Leader 
  Freema Agyeman Martha Jones 
  Catherine Tate Donna Noble 
  Camille Coduri Jackie Tyler 
Noel Clarke Mickey Smith 
  Nicholas Briggs Dalek 
Christopher Eccleston Doctor Who 
  John Barrowman Captain Jack Harkness 

6 Responses to “Is the Doctor in? Doctor Who – BBC America & Sci/fi Network”

  1. catherine tate wasn’t let go, she only signed up for one series.

    • Thanks for clearing that up for me! Sometimes when I’m reading all these articles they all say something different and I’m just not sure what’s what.
      Thanks again!

  2. I’ve been watching NuWho moreorless since the start, but the Tate/Tennant pairing has definitely been my favourite so far.

    • Mine too! I really liked their chemistry – their one liners really bounced off of each other. I think “Partners in Crime” is a good example of this (the first episode of season 4.)

      Thanks for reading!

  3. I started on Tennant and Pipper, I love that combo, Pipper is great on the secret diary of a call girl right now. and I hope to see more of David Tennant in the future.

  4. Sci-Fi is the best, i love sci-fi movies, books and stuffs like that. I am a man of science that is why i love it “:,

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