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Ghost Hunters – Sci/fi network – Wednesdays @ 9pm


in 2004 when the Sci/fi network started following around Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of the Atlantica Paranormal Society [TAPS for short] I didn’t think much of it.  My husband and I have seen, probably, almost every “ghost” related show, or special out there.  It’s one of our things…  the spooky side of life…

I thought the show would be cancelled after one season.  Not because it was bad, actually I liked the show.  I liked the fact that they didn’t walk around with some weird woman dressed like an ottoman who kept chanting things like, “Right there!  There is a little boy RIGHT THERE! Oh my god!  That poor little boy.”

They had gadgets and they did things scientifically.

THAT was the VERY reason I thought that they would be cancelled.  I mean, some times they went to places and nothing happened.  No pre-teen girls crawling down the stairs case backwards like a spider.

Not to mention, I liked it – and that is usually cause for it to be cancelled on it’s own.

But I was wrong and here we are 5 years later still watching Jason, Grant, Steve, Tango, Kris and Amy hunt for ghosts all over the world (sometimes).  And I still love it.  

Most recently they went to Edith Wharton’s house (the writer of The House of Mirth, and Age of Innocents).  Between the actually occurrences that happened on film, their own personal experiences and Steve and Tango (red headphones), it was a great episode.  

You know, most times I don’t care if they don’t find anything.  I just like the group of them in general.  I remember first season when they would show Jason and Grants families, them working for Roto-Rooter and all the other cast members that have moved on to Ghost Hunters International (Donna, Brian and Andy).  I remember when they met Dave Tango when he was ghost hunting in New Jersey with his friend (and when he came to TAPS they called him “Jersey”), the first time Kris Williams came on the show and not only hunted ghosts but poured her heart out to Steve – because they’re a family.  The same goes for Amy Bruni, Ian Cashmore, Kristyn Gartland,oh and “dude run” Brian Harnois!

It’s an all around good time and I can’t wait till Wednesday to see when they investigate “Club Dead.”  

  Steve Gonsalves    
  Jason Hawes    
  Grant Wilson    
  Dave Tango    
  Brian Harnois    
  Kris Williams    

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