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Terminator – the Sarah Connor Chronicles – To the Lighthouse


The latest episode of the Sarah Connor Chronicles has amazed me yet again.  I like to think I can guess the ending of certain shows and while I knew something was awry, I never guessed this… 

To The Lighthouse reunites Sarah and John with her long lost estranged ex-fiance Charley Dixon [Dean Winters].  Charley, who was left by Sarah after asking for her hand and then later had his wife murdered due to her – is really not happy to see her, with good reason – but John sees him as a father and Sarah feels that he (John) needs to be around people that love him, and people they can trust.

You know, since Derek was seeing Jessie behind their back and that nearly ended in John’s death and Cameron… well she’s a machine and isn’t that what they’re fighting?

Like I said, this episode ending surprised me, I never would have guessed what happened would have… if that makes sense.  You see, I don’t want to ruin it for all of you that haven’t seen it yet.  But I do want to encourage you to watch it online at – you can see full episodes there or on  

They haven’t let me down yet, they have only increased my interest in the show, and with only 2 more episodes this season – I will be planting my butt on the couch the next two Fridays to tune in at the original air date time (Fridays at 8pm).

Things you will see in this episode include, Sarah’s love for her son and her humanity (not to mention how much of a bad ass she really is), Derek and Cameron kinda grow a bit closer – I guess when you’re both at the bottom of the class it’s hard to tell who is really the bad guy, John grows up even more and lets not forget John Henry – what happens when someone figures out how to hack into the most sophisticated computer/A.I. out there?  Scary stuff.  That’s what. 

Judgement day is just around the corner, and our savior is in peril – WHAT DO WE DO?!!!

Tune in to find out.  I know I will!

  Lena Headey Sarah Connor 
  Thomas Dekker John Connor 
  Summer Glau Cameron Phillips 
  Richard T. Jones James Ellison 
  Brian Austin Green Derek Reese 
  Garret Dillahunt Cromartie 
  Shirley Manson Catherine Weaver 

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