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Running in Heels – Style Network – Sundays 8pm


Running in Heels is a little Reality TV show put out by the Style Network.  The show follows around three young women in the busy streets of NYC as they intern for Marie Claire (whom Miss Nina Garcia just recently started working for). 

The story starts at the beginning (I mean, where else are you gonna start?) and following Samantha Dezur, Ashley Gosik, and Talita Silva. The 3 young and precoscious interns show up in the good ole ‘BIG CITY’ ready to take on the world – one intern job at a time.  Until one day, they too, will be as renoun in the fashion industry just like Nina Garcia, Joanna Coles and Lucy Kaylin.

Sure they will.

Out of the three, the ONLY one I don’t think is a waste of skin is Smantha Dezur.  Ashley Gosik should just go “old school” and find herself a rich Senator to marry – I mean, she IS from D.C., right? She admits in the first episode that she’ll bad mouth who ever she needs to in order to get to the “top.”  And then there is little Miss Talita Silva… ok… in the first episode it took her nearly 10 minutes to figure out how to open a door.  WOW! 

Can you tell I just don’t like her?  BECAUSE I DON’T!

I read on one of the boards how tons of people think she’s a “she-man”… not making that one up guys!

It’s worth a look see because watching 3 young girls in NYC get all bitchy over who is the “more important” intern it… Maybe I should let them know what an intern really is worth – or really isn’t for that matter… 

Style Network has a bunch of stuff up about the show.  You can send questions to the girls and let them know just how special you think they are, or are not.  

Running in Heels is on Style Network on Sundays at 8pm (even though for some reason my DVR records the “new” episodes at 6:30 am…)

I’m sure I’ll have more soon!  Dumb girls make me cuss…  OH!  And for the LOVE OF GOD!  PLEASE START USING THE WORD “I” CORRECTLY!  



Joanna Coles
  Samantha Dezur
  Nina Garcia  
  Zoe Glassner
  Ashley Gosik  
  Lucy Kaylin
  Zanna Roberts
  Talita Silva

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