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Party Down – Starz Fridays @ 10:30p



Party Down made it’s debut on to Cable Television on March 20th on Starz movie channel.  It is a series about a group of people that work for a catering business, in L.A., called “Party Down.” The business is run by a man named Ron Donald, played by Ken Marino [Dawson’s Creek, Veronica Mars, Reaper] who is beyond dysfunctional.  (He needs to please everyone all of the time, unless they work for him…).  The rest of the cast boasts Ryan Hansen – Kyle Bradway [also a Veronica Mars alum], Lizzy Caplan – Casey Klein [Mean Girls, True Blood], Jane Lynch – Constance Carmell [Two and a Half Men, The L Word], Adam Scott  – Henry Pollard [The Great Buck Howard, Tell me you Love Me], Martin Starr – Roman DeBeers [Freaks and Geeks, Adventureland] and is also listing Enrico Colantoni – Gordon McSpadden [Veronica Mars] so I’m listing him too!

You might not be surprised at this moment to find out that Rob Thomas (the creator, writer, director, producer of the late great Veronica Mars,) is also the creator of Party Down, which means you are also not surprised at the large number of Veronica Mars Alum filling out the show. (This also includes Scott, who portrayed a bad teacher who seduced a student, got her pregnant and then dumped her – oh yeah – this is me speaking from memory – I loved V-Mar and I’m still mad at the WB for canceling it).  In the second episode you can see Jason Dohring, Alona Tal, and Ryan Pinkston who were all at some point casted on V-Mars, granted Dohring played wounded bad boy Logan Echolls and Tal played the humble Meg Manning and Pinkston was only in one episode, and is probably better know for his stint on Punk’d – but still – I say we give kudos to Thomas for keeping his TV family close at hand.  In that way, he reminds me of Judd Apatow, who has been known to do the same thing with his actors over time – who also includes Martin Starr.

The story of the show is a simple one, Party Down catering is hired by various clients and they go out to throw a party.  In true L.A. fashion the wait staff includes a stand up comic, a writer, an actor, an actor that has given up and then there is Ron Donald and Constance Carmell – who are there because I think they like their job…

It’s hilarious!  Filled with funny one-liners like DeBeers quoting from Repo Man in the first episode, in front of the clients, “ordinary fucking people…” to Donald setting an American flag on fire in the second episode, to replace one that he washed in bleach that was meant to be a present to the governor of California – “The Governator”.

If you haven’t seen it and you have Starz, be sure to tune in on Friday at 10:30 pm, and before hand, go to your OnDemand Starz channels and watch the first two episodes.  It’s worth it.  Plus, where else are you going to see Enrico Colantoni naked?  Oh, and did I forget to mention that Fred Savage (yes, that Fred Savage) is directing the show?

I can go on for hours.  Party Down is worth it.  Check it out now!



  Ken Marino Ron Donald 
  Ryan Hansen Kyle Bradway 
  Lizzy Caplan Casey Klein 
  Jane Lynch Constance Carmell 
  Adam Scott Henry Pollard 
  Martin Starr Roman DeBeers 
  Enrico Colantoni Gordon McSpadden

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