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Reaper – “The Favorite” – CW Tuesdays @ 8pm


Reaper introduced a new character this week – his name is Morgan and he is THE SON OF THE DEVIL!  Just like Sam, but much more put together and genuinely well rounded, you know, for an evil bad guy.  Played by Armie Hammer, Morgan is just another thorn in Sam’s side.  Letting his impetuous nature and need for greed lead the way to… well… whatever he wants!  

The relationship between Ben [Gonzalez] and Nina [Wade] takes a turn to something more serious.  Andi [Peregrym] and Sam’s relationship becomes even more complicated (When Andi announces that the idea of the Devil having a son is scary – keeping big secrets from loved ones always bite you in the butt no don’t it?).  Sam finds himself jealous of his newly acquired brother – Morgan.  The Devil admits that he is annoyed but like Sam and then to round it all off – guess who’s back in the picture?  Mr. Oliver [Andrew Airlie], Sam’s father, who Sam though was dead!  

The writing just seems to get better and better with each episode of Reaper.  If you haven’t seen it, I tell you now, you’re missing out so stop what you’re doing Tuesday at 8pm and turn on the CW and check out Reaper.

You’ll thank me for it.  Hand to god!  Or maybe… someone else… 😉

  Bret Harrison Sam Oliver
  Tyler Labine Bert ‘Sock’ Wysocki
  Rick Gonzalez Ben Gonzalez
  Missy Peregrym Andi Prendergast
  Donavon Stinson Ted
  Andrew Airlie Mr. Oliver
  Ray Wise The Devil
  Armie Hammer Morgan
  Eriko Tamura Kristen (as Eriko)
  Jenny Wade Nina
  Christine Willes Gladys

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  1. Love this show too! Hey some of us are trying a campaign to let the CW know that the fans are out here. Check out this summary of activities.
    TV Guide’s email:

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