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Terminator. The Sarah Connor Chronicles – FOX Fridays @ 8


Terminator. The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator. The Sarah Connor Chronicles

There is this terrible rumor flying around that this will be the last season of “Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles” actually, I think that its more than a rumor… I mean, when this action packed second season started, your viewing pleasure was subject to Tuesdays at 8pm… and then after it’s mid-season break the well casted, look inside the life of a young John Connor, came back at Fridays at 8pm.  This is always a tell tale sign from Fox that soon the show will be no more – (just look at Firefly, Undeclared and the Family Guy – granted the last one was brought back)

Here is hoping that I am wrong.

Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles picks up after the second Terminator film stops off.  Sarah Connor, alone to the world, is the only thing that stands between Skynet (the evil robots that will shortly be taking over the world) and her son John Connor – the human that was born to defeat them.

Boasting a cast of Lena Headey (of 300 and Gossip fame), Summer Glau (Firefly/ Serenity), Brian Austin Green (90210) and Thomas Dekker – John Connor himself (Heroes and 7th Heaven) – and not to forget Richard T. Jones (Girlfriends), Garrett Dillahunt (ER and more currently The Last House on the Left) and Shirley Manson (whom you might know from a little band name Garbage) Terminator, I feel, has been over looked.

Yes, the first season started off slow, but I fear a lot of things were slow at this time – the Writers Strike was reeking havoc all over the Television and throughout Hollywood – but the second season leave you wanting nothing but more. 

The plot twists and turns bringing you back and forth to and from the future and replaying Judgement Day over just to remind us what is to come if John just doesn’t figure it out.

The Last Voyage of the Jimmy Carter” which was originally aired late Friday, March 20th, brought the main cast back together.  Linking John (Dekker), Sarah (Headey), Derek (Green) and Cameron (Glau) as a solidified team.  No more people will be allowed in… now… people from the past… say maybe one ex-fiance (Charley – played by Dean Winters of 30 Rock and Rescue Me

If you haven’t seen it yet, it airs on Friday nights on FOX at 8pm Eastern time and you can get caught up on the FOX website, which boasts the ability to show you past episodes in their entirety. 

Now please, you had better get to the store and start stockpiling supplies, because Judgement Day is nigh and the robots will be here soon!  But until then!  Watch Sarah Connor – you know, kinda like a survival course for us civvies that didn’t realize our world would be gone soon!

Full cast:

  Lena Headey Sarah Connor
  Thomas Dekker John Connor 
  Summer Glau Cameron Phillips 
  Richard T. Jones James Ellison 
  Brian Austin Green Derek Reese 
  Garret Dillahunt Cromartie 
  Shirley Manson Catherine Weaver 

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