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Battlestar Galactica! NOW WHAT!!??!!


New Battlestar Galactica - comic DYNAMITE

New Battlestar Galactica - comic DYNAMITE

Now, BSG is gone and I get to sit alone with my remote on Friday nights…


OK – that’s a lie.  There is Terminator – the Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse to be had, plus I like to record old episodes of Doctor Who (since it took me waaay too long to get into that show and now I have years to get caught up on.)

But I am sad that Battlestar Galactica is over!  I’ve spent the last 4 years of my life waiting patiently for each installment and now I get to dig out all of my box sets and watch it from the beginning, just in time to buy the last box set (that is set for release later this year – July 28th) and then I will be sad again.  But I guess I should look at it as “cup half full,” right?

I mean I still have a BSG TV movie to look forward to, “Battlestar Galactica – The Plan” which will give us a glimpse of the Cylons side of the story.  Not to forget the long awaited “Caprica” which is due to debut   So, I guess that means my fraking BSG fix is still to be had!  And then there is also the comic book version of BSG [pictured above] that has been on comic bookstore shelves since 2006.

The me just say… I am sighing with relief!  The main show may have come to a close, but I still can be exicited for what’s to come:



The finale was jam packed – for all of you silly people that missed it – with gun fight, rescues, blood, guts and glory!  I can not deny that when Chief found out the truth about how Cally (his wife) really died, I was happy to see Tory die.  Never did much like her once she found out she was one of the final 5.  A poor female version of Baltar.  See, Baltar had a certain flair while Tory just felt she deserved the world to be handed to her – not to mention she was a cowards. 

I can’t say I had any real complaints.  Kara flew home as an angel, Athena, Helo and Hera were reunited and presented us with the “eve”, the President passed away listening to the Old Man and we learned that the plant Earth, that we know of, was based on the combination of cylon and human DNA.  

I plan on watching it about 10 more times, just to be sure I didn’t miss anything!  And if you haven’t seen it yet – Sci/fi OnDemand!

Over all I think the finale was perfect and I hope, if you haven’t seen it, you won’t waste another moment and go watch it now!


Full Cast:

  Edward James Olmos Admiral William Adama 
  Mary McDonnell President Laura Roslin 
  Jamie Bamber Captain Lee ‘Apollo’ Adama
  James Callis Dr. Gaius Baltar 
  Tricia Helfer Number Six
  Grace Park Lt. Sharon ‘Boomer’ Valerii 
  Katee Sackhoff Captain Kara ‘Starbuck’ Thrace 
  Michael Hogan Colonel Saul Tigh 
  Aaron Douglas Chief Galen Tyrol 
  Tahmoh Penikett Captain Karl ‘Helo’ Agathon
  Alessandro Juliani Lt. Felix Gaeta 
  Kandyse McClure Officer Anastasia Dualla
  Nicki Clyne Crewman Specialist Cally Henderson 
  Michael Trucco Samuel Anders 
  Donnelly Rhodes Dr. Cottle 
  Bodie Olmos Brendan ‘Hot Dog’ Costanza 
  Leah Cairns Lt. Margaret ‘Racetrack’ Edmonson 
  Rekha Sharma Tory Foster 

2 Responses to “Battlestar Galactica! NOW WHAT!!??!!”

  1. Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by! BSG is one of the greatest shows out there and I’m happy that there is still a little more to come!

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