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How can you fear the Reaper, when its so darn funny?

reaper-promotional-photoSince when do you need more than one pair of pants?  Who are you, Jude Law?”   ~Sock [Talking to Ben on how he met Nina, his demon girlfriend]

When Reaper hit the airwaves last year, all I could see (for a hot second) was the awkward boy [Brett Harrison] from “Grounded for Life,” and couldn’t help but wonder how a show, with this awkward kid and devil could be funny or interesting at all.

I was wrong.  Dead wrong, and I thank my husband for coercing me to watch it.

The story of Sam Oliver, the boy whose parents sold his soul to the devil, is one of the funniest damn shows on Television right now!  At 21 it is reveled to him that the Devil owns him and wants him to be a bounty hunter for escaped souls from hell.  Enlisting the help of his two best friends Ben and Sock – their adventures keep you delighted each week.

And don’t think it’s just devil stuff my friends! 

There is adventure, romance and the dull life as a retail employee working at a place called The Workbench.  The escaped souls rang from crazy lunatic bikers that like to fight, kill and drink too much to a simpler soul, a boxer that threw his last fight [Erik Palladino] who throws another fight to save Sam and get back INTO hell.

Last nights episode made me love it even more, from funny one liners (like the one listed above) to the fight between Andi [Missy Peregrym] and Sock [Tyler Labine] over a fake employee Sock has created to receive a secondary pay check,

“They said loud and husky…” [Andi to Sock about him cashing in a coffee gift card that was won by his fake employee]

To Ben [Rick Gonzalez] and his new demon girl friend Nina [Jenny Wade] who met when she was trying to kill Sam as she rebelled against the devil,

“I’ve never had cooked meat before!  It’s sooooo good!” [Nina when she meets Ben’s friends]

To knock out fights at the local when Sam is attempting to claim another escaped soul – the physical comedy is just as good.

Reaper seems to be picking up steam and hitting all the marks.  Oh, and did I mention that it turns out Sam is also the son of the Devil [played by the perfect Ray Wise]?  This is the best thing the CW has done since Buffy the Vampire Slayer – and I will sit by patiently till next Tuesday at 8pm, when I hear Sam gets to meet his brother…

oh, due tell!


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